The Window at Big Bend National Park

The Window is one of the most popular trails in Big Bend. After hiking it numerous times the views never cease to amaze me. It was a no-brainer to bring one of my best friends on this hike for her first time visiting the area. Yes I did get very close to the edge and almost fall off, its kind of my signature move.

Sibling Love ft. Rory & Raina

Grandparents seeking photos to cherish as their little ones grow up will often seek strangers to photograph their kiddos. Rory & Raina’s grandparents are close friends of mine so getting to spend the afternoon with these two was so much fun. I just let them get out and play around trying to capture moments along the way.

A Little Town Nestled in the Hills of Big Bend; A View from Above

This is home; Alpine, Texas. Perched atop one of the many mountains surrounding the town is an old beaten up desk. I enjoy climbing up to find the desk and gather my thoughts from time to time. Take time from the hustle and bustle of daily life once in a while and see if you can find somewhere to gather your thoughts.




Exploring the Underground at Carlsbad Caverns National Park

National Parks are some of my favorite places to explore. I try to visit as many as I can with every given chance I get. We spent the day pretending to be spelunkers in the depths of Carlsbad Caverns and documented our findings here. (Disclaimer: I did NOT fall into the bottomless pit, or see any bats this trip 🙁 … )

Texas Tech University Commencement Portraits

Texas Tech University located in Lubbock, Texas has become a second home to me. After completing my undergrad and making some of the best friends ever, Lubbock and Tech both mean so much to me. Here you will find a photo set celebrating some of my best friends in college who trusted me enough to help them commemorate their momentous achievements. Engineers, Lawyers, Teachers, Mathematicians; you’ll find them all here.



Here you will find a photo series showing some of my favorite things to capture. Nature plays a big role in why I have taken up photography. I began to really appreciate the surroundings in which I grew up and here you will find a few photos from all of the areas which inspire me daily.