Sibling Love ft. Rory & Raina

Grandparents seeking photos to cherish as their little ones grow up will often seek strangers to photograph their kiddos. Rory & Raina’s grandparents are close friends of mine so getting to spend the afternoon with these two was so much fun. I just let them get out and play around trying to capture moments along the way.

A Little Town Nestled in the Hills of Big Bend; A View from Above

This is home; Alpine, Texas. Perched atop one of the many mountains surrounding the town is an old beaten up desk. I enjoy climbing up to find the desk and gather my thoughts from time to time. Take time from the hustle and bustle of daily life once in a while and see if you can find somewhere to gather your thoughts.




Texas Tech University Commencement Portraits

Texas Tech University located in Lubbock, Texas has become a second home to me. After completing my undergrad and making some of the best friends ever, Lubbock and Tech both mean so much to me. Here you will find a photo set celebrating some of my best friends in college who trusted me enough to help them commemorate their momentous achievements. Engineers, Lawyers, Teachers, Mathematicians; you’ll find them all here.